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Work-place grievance (discrimination) letter writing

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Have you experienced race discrimination in the workplace? If you have answered yes, then you have come to the right place to get a killer! grievance letter written that will jolt your employer into resolving your issue in your favour. You will receive a grievance letter of up to 5 pages tailored to your issue. I have 20-years practical experience dealing with matters of racial discrimination; to include writing grievance letters, writing ET1 ‘s ( formal applications forms to ask the employment tribunal to hear your case), handling claims and advising complainants, representing individuals at tribunal, negotiating on behalf of the complainant with employer and ACAS. Policy writer – Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) Public Duty Codes, Equality Policy etcetera Experience: A member of the Commission for Racial Equality’s Formal Investigation team into the 2004 Metropolitan Police Investigations. Independent investigator of grievances for Transport for London; Practically trained in law by lawyers and Barristers at the CRE. I have not received theoretical training as a lawyer. i.e. I do not have a solicitors qualification.

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Will write a killer grievance letter tailored to your complaint of race discrimination to include all points of relevant UK law. (up to 3 pages)
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